1.500 Euro Reward German Hunting Newspaper

3. January 2019 57






    The police in Kappeln is a poacher on the trail of a Sika deer from the 3. Head to the Conscience. The police and the local hunting community to ask for Help.

    A hunter heard on the 23. December 3 in the morning, a silenced shot in the hunting area at the “Well-circular courtyard” (the district of Schleswig-Flensburg,/Schleswig-Holstein). Shortly thereafter, he watched as 2 people loaded a deer on a pickup truck. Presumably the poachers discovered the car of the witness, because they hid the deer in a nearby forest, and then fled at high speed. They drove first in the direction of Lehbek, Stangheck, rocker village and then to the L21.

    The poachers killed a Sika deer, the hidden forest (icon image: Pixabay)

    The next day, the gewilderte deer, a Sika from the 3 was. Head, found. He had an injury a shot and a knife. He was probably not dead after the shot right and had to be intercepted. The police announced just today, there was in the past, unexplained shot of duties in this area. The investigations were recorded. At least one of the poachers must be in possession of a Jagdhaffe. In the case of the flatbed truck it is probably a VW. The police are asking for any information under 04642-9655901. The hunting community has offered for information leading to the Seize of the perpetrators, a reward of 1,500.