10 Dead in accidents involving deer German hunting newspaper

24. October 2018 61






    In the year 2017, 10 people came on the streets of Germany in wild accidents.

    According to the Federal statistical office, 606 people have been in accidents involving deer is also difficult and 2.308 persons slightly injured. The statistics show that the number of wildlife accidents with people moving damage since 1991, between 2.249 (2013), and 2.931 (1999).

    With 10 road deaths in 2017, are relatively “complain about a little” traffic deaths. So, in 1994, were registered 49 deaths, while in 2013 7 people with the fewest traffic fatalities by collisions with Wild animals were recorded.

    10 people died in 2017, after collisions with Wild game (photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

    Overall, the German car insurers in 2017, so many wild accidents are reported as never before. The Association of the German insurance economy (GDV) registered approximately 275,000 collisions.