2. Artemis-Cup of the hunters forum Baden-Württemberg

The hunters forum of Baden-Württemberg had been invited. 65 the hunters of the interior of Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland and Bavaria, participated in the 2. Artemis-Cup in Stuttgart, Germany.

The fun and the joy at the Artemis Cup is the hunter inside (photo: Ellen dial)

The Organizers, Andrea Ott (Chairwoman Reg. Bez, Stuttgart, Germany) and Sandra Kopp (JV Stuttgart) supported by Bärbl Behr (Chairwoman Reg.Ref. Tübingen, Germany), Nicole Ammann, and the shooting supervisors of the JV Stuttgart were especially, some of the proposed hunting licenses this year to 1. Times were issued, and the young hunters attended the event.

Thus, the purpose of the event was hunters in a casual Form but under conditions of competition in the hunting shooting to 100 percent. Anja Rupp from the squad of the hunting protect, also attended the event and informed interested hunters about the squad and the hunting shooting.

As the Best Archer of the competition, Angelika Marek has won in the shot disciplines 100 meters standing painted on the trestle, 100 metres sitting on Fuchs, 50 meters standing hands-free on the Wedge plate and the running boar, as well as 10 Trapp pigeons and 10 Kipphasen with 239 points in the competition as an Amateur. In the professional class Susanne Roczick was 236 points rank equal with Miriam Dammer from North Rhine-Westphalia but with the better number of Pigeons, on rank 1. For the standings in the ball discipline, Marianne Bellgardt took the prize with 176 rings. As the best shotgun shooter with 80 points Angelika Marek and Antje buses the 1 shared.Place. The winners of each class will enjoy a panel with hunting motifs hunt painter Steffi Holder.

The countries in competition BW against NRW, the participants from Viersen won with 883 points against the pros from BW with 811 points for NRW and the hunting beads Viersen enjoyed champagne on the profit of the crate.

The main prize, a Haenel Jäger 10 Lady Timber, moved lady luck KJM Peter Kopp of the JV Stuttgart for Karin Ingeborg Schmider from Offenburg from the pot. About the Zeiss Conquest 8×30 Davida Wilson from Viersen to be pleased. Both prize winners were stunned on their luck: “We have never won in a prize draw to win something, thank you Peter for Your lucky hand and many thanks to the company Haenel and Zeiss. We’re thrilled about the valuable prizes.“

Especially the organizers of the event was the subsequent enthusiastic Feedback on WhatsApp and Facebook. Our conclusion: planning for a 3. Artemis Cup in 2019, the Team of Andrea Ott and Sandra Kopp presents new challenges because of the 1. as well as the 2. Artemis Cup is to beat in Stuttgart too heavy. The previous events were just the tip!

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