25 dead sheep: Wolf is innocent – the German hunting newspaper

30. October 2018 38






    Not wolves, but dogs are the Death of 25 sheep in the Val Venosta in South Tyrol (Italy) at the beginning of October.

    The South Tyrolean provincial administration announced at the end of October. In the case of the above Silandro found sheep carcasses wounds were not bite-has been found in the neck area. Experts had suspected the dogs as a possible perpetrator because the cunning animals hardly used””, so pissed. More animals had come through the crash to death, or hunted to death.

    The Wolf completely exclude, however, been some DNA samples, and to examine the redirected collected. Results of the investigation would now be: The DNA samples of the dogs confirm it as the culprit.


    On dogs 25 dead sheep have been found at the beginning of October at the entrance of the schlandraun valley (photo: LPA/office for hunting and fishing)