400 million for wolves – German hunting newspaper

11. January 2018 100

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Still it will be emotional when it comes to the topic of Wolf. Animal rights activists, animal age, and hunters are involved. In Bavaria cost in the millions to come.

The Bavarian state Institute for agriculture (LfL) is from 241 to 413 million euros for the construction of protection fences. The follow-up costs per year amount to up to 43 million euros, as welt.de reported. In order to make the state wolf sure, would have to be the pasture fence, over 57,000 miles long. But it is not only fences, wolf-proof pens are to be put to pasture.

Up to 413 million euros for the first purchase and up to 43 million Euro per year cost of the protection of grazing animals from the wolves in Bavaria

A “simply not representable” effort, said the President of the Bavarian farmers Association and Vice-President of the German farmers ‘ Association, Walter Heidl. Some of the pastures have not been used at all, because the risk of the loss of cattle is too high. The only place where it needs no protection measures are stables. But just don’t want to have animal rights activists who also want the Wolf in Germany. Grazing and the Wolf are not agreed on the same area. A wolf-free Zone is required. Whether this is legally feasible, is still under discussion.