6 wolf-hybrid-puppies will be killed – the German hunting newspaper

13. October 2017 96

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The recommendations of the experts is clear: The wolf hybrid on the troop exercise area Ohrdruf to be killed.

The suspicion, the loyalty to the she-wolf, on the troop exercise area was no longer alone, it has been confirmed. Photo traps-recordings of the past days show the well-known she-wolf with 6 young animals during the journey through the area. In the offspring are, to the Information, the documentation and Advisory Agency of the Federal government on the topic of Wolf (DBBW), clearly a Hybrid – a cross of a Wolf and a domestic dog. The 4 female and 2 male young animals are estimated to have an age of approximately 5 months.

Icon image: pure-bred, or hybrid? In the case of the animals on the troop exercise area Ohrdruf, the thing is clear

The Thuringian Ministry for the environment (TMUEN) the further procedure closely with the DBBW. The recommendation of the experts is clear. From the protection of species, the young animals have to be taken for reasons of the nature. Thus, the wild animal population of the Wolf is protected against the Penetration of domestic dog genes. The mixing of the genes would jeopardize the continued existence of the wolf population. Since the radius of action of the animals is growing fast and you are already in the Winter, sexually Mature, i.e., their own areas are looking for, the experts recommend a quick kill.

A Stunning of animals and the Transport in an enclosure from the point of view of the DBBW is no humane Alternative. Experiences from Saxony show that the prisoners are hybrid puppies in the enclosure attitude have suffered.

For the lethal removal of Wolf-hybrids in the next step, the species protection and animal welfare legal requirements.


Since 3. July 2017, the Abuses heaped on the animals around the location exercise area Ohrdruf, after it had been over almost 2 years. 65 sheep and 14 goats were notgetötet this year, victims of attacks or had to. In 2 of 13 cases, the Ohrdrufer she-wolf, by means of DNA could be detected analysis is clearly not the cause.

In recent weeks shepherd, and the Ministry of the environment have agreed on solutions for a better protection of the herds. The TMUEN set the shepherds free of charge several fence kits available on a loan basis. In addition, rented livestock protection dogs guard a few days ago, the sheep in the night pens.