60.000 Euro fence to protect the cemetery – German hunting newspaper

26. July 2018 56






    Wild pigs feel on the Wiesbaden cemetery Sonnenberg, obviously, like a pig in shit. All Attempts to keep the grave Defiler of the terrain remote, have failed so far.

    “The black coats have found new holes and the existing wire mesh fence damaged and access gained. Many of the graves were repeatedly ransacked and plantations destroyed, or even completely eaten. Also, the cemetery staff had already portrays in the early hours of the morning unpleasant encounters with the wild pigs“, green area amtsleiterin Gabriele Wolter, the Situation in a message.

    Not only on farmland but also in homes and especially cemeteries sows are undesirable (photo: Pixabay)

    Since self-control resources, Patrols of the hunting authority and changed the closing showed no effect, now a more stable cemetery fence. The new fence has a total length of 1 kilometers, will cost about 60,000 euros and should be completed by the end of October.

    Until the completion of the measure, the parks and recreation Department recommends that land to the possibility of restraint in the creation of the Tomb.