A Dachshund for the children’s hospice – German hunting newspaper

6. June 2018 70






    In Germany the Dachshund on the Shirt and make a donation to the children’s hospice bärenherz in Wiesbaden, Germany, is suitable for the world Cup in true woods.

    (Photo: Jonas Shkorpil)

    The two hunters, which have created the fashion label true woods to life, set your articles on sustainability. All products are made from organic cotton, it is also important that the production and supply chain is fair. For each product Sold plants Jan Borchert and Alexander Schneider, a tree. Thus, the studied like scientists of forest to promote biodiversity and places of retreat, as well as habitat for wildlife. The special collection “Our Carl” for the football world Cup 2018, and also supports the children’s hospice Bärenherz. 30 percent of each sold Carlchens goes to the hospice and to support seriously ill and dying children and adolescents.