A wild boar, wounded, bitten on both legs to a hunter in a hunting area of Abadín – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

Un jabalí herido muerde en ambas piernas a un cazador en un coto de Abadín - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.Un jabalí herido muerde en ambas piernas a un cazador en un coto de Abadín - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

A wild boar injured man was bitten on both legs to a hunter of Xove at the end of Sabugueiras, in the municipality chairego of Abadín. The man, with initials M. R. A. and 59 years of age, was transferred to the Hula, but, despite the scare of the moment, did not suffer serious injuries.
The attack took place after 18.30 hours in the afternoon of this Saturday, when a gang formed by a total of 16 people hunted in one of the pockets of Abadín, in particular, the number of LU-10073, known as Sabugueiras.
Some of the members of the gang, according to some sources, had cornered the boar in a corner of one of the grounds of the estate chairego when the victim approached him to try to be moved to power down. Then, the animal, which was wounded and cornered, he tried to defend himself and attacked the hunter xovense and bit him on both legs, specifically in the upper area of the thighs.
The wounds, despite being quite deep, as indicated sources of the emergency services, there were a lot of gravity, at least in the initial assessment eye.
The tusks of the animal broke through the fabric of the pants of the hunter in both legs, and sank into his thighs making cuts internal deep. “They were like dun knife”, explained some of the witnesses, who claimed that the cuts did not go through any of the limbs.
The injured man, who has not lost a lot of blood, was conscious and coherent all the time, even nervous.
Despite the scare, some have already assured this Saturday that the injured man would not let you hunt after suffering this accident, and joked that after the attack of the boar as one of their greatest concerns was to know the state of his dog, who was by his side at the time that the animal has bitten you.
They were their own companions those who brought the injured man by car to the N-634 at the height of the church of Goiriz, now in the municipality of Vilalba, where I expected a medicalised ambulance for the 061. A doctor’s CAP of Vilalba made a first assessment and the ambulance took the man to the Hospital Lucus Augusti of the capital of lugo, where the area of Surgery should assess the potential severity of the cuts caused by the animal.
Also moved to the scene of the accident a patrol of the Guardia Civil and agents of the Service of Protection of Nature (Seprona) after the notice of the companions of the crew of the wounded.
For their part, the wild boar, who was injured, eventually managed to escape. Hunters will lost the track after the attack on his partner.

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