“Active wolf management now!” – Rally in Potsdam – the German hunting newspaper

18. October 2018 1587






    The German hunting Association declared solidarity with the Forum nature of Brandenburg and the farmers ‘ Union of Brandenburg, on 10. November 2018 call for a rally in front of the Brandenburg Landtag in Potsdam.

    The associations want to do with the rally it clear that the future of the “human, grazing animals and the Wolf” can only be thought.

    The demand for the reorientation of the Brandenburg wolf management, the associations in the Forum of nature in the context of an “8 point Plan” made it clear. Non-negotiable the following three points:

    The meeting will be held at 10. November in front of the Brandenburg Landtag in Potsdam, Germany (source: below/ljv bw)

    1. In future there must be a hundred percent damage – prevention and compensation with a binding right to claim for the wolves caused damage. The spread of wolves in the state of Brandenburg must not be at the expense of the affected pastoralists. Grazing livestock is an active nature conservation.
    2. The Wolf is immediately to be incorporated into the “Brandenburg hunting rights” and, in parallel, a conservation law case is to establish decisions based protective hunting according to the Scandinavian model.
    3. For the Land of Brandenburg, a company is immediately establish the wide-discussed wolf’s goal was, the active Management in the future, ensure that the protection of the wolf in accordance with all other interests, and in our cultural landscape.

    For more information on the rally there is on the Internet (Forum nature of Brandenburg).

    PM DJV