Amendment to the JWMG – German hunting newspaper

1. March 2018 800






    Baden-Württemberg is responding with a change in regulation to the threat of introduction of African swine fever.

    In compliance with the parent animal protection wild is black in the state of Baden-Württemberg open (photo: Pixabay)

    Changes in the hunting and wildlife management act (JWMG) arising in relation to the number of per hunting district permitted Baits, and the hunting time and the use of night vision technology.

    So limited is, among other things, time is a “special hunting season” for wild boar in the period from 1. March up to 30. April. And from now on. Thus, the hunting of wild boar of all age classes on all of the surfaces on which the hunt must not be exercised in compliance with the parent animal protection. At the same time may be gekirrt in this period. The scheme is limited to 28. February 2019.

    Nothing Half and nothing Whole but in terms of night vision technology. “Baden-Württemberg has intentions on the level of hunting regulations the way for the use of so-called night vision and night vision attachments. Weapons legally, the prohibition on the Federal level, however, remains the same,“ said Minister Peter Hauk remains today in Stuttgart. Hunters may be limited in individual cases by the Lower hunting authorities for the use of this night vision technology is temporally and locally justified hire. This assignment is governed according to the local circumstances and could be done by the Lower hunting authority on a temporary basis.

    The regulation shall enter into force on 1. March 2018.


    Here is the regulation as a pdf. to Download …