Ammo, to the Supreme court no complaint if consumed within 72 hours

Munizioni, per la Cassazione niente denuncia se consumate entro 72 ore

Munizioni, per la Cassazione niente denuncia se consumate entro 72 oreThe Committee Directive 477 has deepened a theme that is discussed, frequently, the obligation of denunciation of ammo purchased and fired within 72 hours prior to the expiration of the period within which the report in accordance with the law. The positions are diametrically opposed, since there should be a complaint because of the willingness on the part of the purchaser or not you should disclose something of which you are not physically in possession.

The Supreme Court has dealt with the topic in 2013, and has clarified that there is this obligation to report within 72 hours. The judgment was necessary after the conviction of a man for possession of unauthorized ammunition. The defendant had bought 10 cartridges to the ball, using it during hunting to the wild boar 24 hours after purchase. The detention had not been reported to the police. According to the judges of Piazza Cavour, the 2010 law has defined the term for the complaint, so after three days, the obligation no longer makes sense to exist.

The sentence was then cancelled. The Committee is aware that the judgment to be unique, even if there is a doubt irrelevant: the complaint of ammunition that you have, it may represent an administrative offence or criminal. A concern may arise with the ammunition refilled, because they are not certified. For the Committee, the failure to report does not affect limits for the storage and transport, both not to go beyond.