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10. September 2018 75






    A significant exhibition was at the 9. September in the Museum “the house of Breda” in Bitburg opened.

    12 artists will ensure there is up to 2. December paintings, drawings and bronze sculptures.

    The works of Ute Bartels, Bernd Hanrath, Gabriele Haslinger, Anette Isfort, Eugene kissel man, Rudi Kohl, Harro Maass, Jörg Mangold, Bodo Meier, Bernd Pöppelmann, Claus Rabbah, and Robin d’arcy Shillcock sharpen the view for the animals in their natural environment.

    Claus Rabbah speaks of the introduction at the opening at 9. September (Photos: Rolf D. Baldus)

    A 150seitiges catalog book, realistic animal painting lights of our time from different Views, and the artists represented will be presenting, adds to the impressive and very worthwhile exhibition.

    The exhibition lasts until 2. December 2018

    Haus Beda, Bedaplatz 1, 54634 Bitburg
    Tuesday to Friday: 15 – 18 clock
    On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 14 – 18 PM


    The painter Bodo Meier in front of some of his exhibited watercolours

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