Approved the plan of control of the wild boar in the province of Matera

Approvato il piano di controllo del cinghiale in provincia di Matera

Approvato il piano di controllo del cinghiale in provincia di MateraThe next 30th of march, so between the two days, there will be the table of coordination of the national emergency and wild boars, required by the councillor of Agricultural Policies and Forestry of the Region of Basilicata, Luca Braia. The request had taken place in the course of the Agriculture Committee in the State-Regions Conference. The control plane of the ungulates that concerns the province of Matera for the whole of 2017 has been prepared and approved by the Department of agriculture and Forestry and will be valid until the next 31 December.

Interventions can be made by means of killing from ambush fixed, with the method of endorsement in the form of collective (placed, fixed, conductor armed and one dog only to plates, sheets, enabled only through the evidence of the Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana) and the catches by cages or fences (with the possible abatement on site by authorized personnel).

The heads abbattutti throughout the territory of lucania in the period 2016-2017 were 7300, more precisely in the period of hunting and control. Braia has ensured that the current actions concern multiple fronts, without forgetting the selecontrollo in the area of Matera. Fundamental, lastly, will be the agreement with theInstitute Zooprofillatico Sperimentale of Puglia and Basilicata.