Area Hunters-Young

After strenuous testing days, 20 trainees have completed their three-year training successfully and are now officially “area hunters and area hunter”.

The new area hunter after passing the exam: (from l. to R.) Hermann Kinzer, Richard Silvio Meier-Wittig, Sönke Friedrich village, Eric Schmitz, Robin Klümpner, Jan Voss, Rene Schadow, Raphael Blum, Björn Matthies, Benjamin Bulst, Andreas Wilking, Ann-Sophie Böhle, Hendrik Mäurer, Jürgen Schmidt, Lars Beemelmans, Christian Rühle, Benjamin Herberg, Daniel Bastian, Benjamin Waldmann. Not in the picture: Philip Pride (photo: BDB)

After the written tests, the candidates were allowed to handle a wild case of damage and to make it a biotope. Extensive flora and vegetation knowledge were asked and the construction of a pheasant schütte announced. In addition, the prospective professional hunters had to put their specialist knowledge in the blocking tray “Hunting and wildlife exploitation”. In this case, the candidate has to prove that he can plan hunts and preparing weapons for the hunt, hunting dogs, lead, and inserting and hunted Wild assess, process and market. In the process, operational requirements, legal regulations, provisions of the animal protection as well as measures for the protection of endangered species, to sustainability, to economic efficiency as well as safety and health are taken into account.

Game master Bernd Bahr, Chairman of the audit Committee, has sent the congratulations of the examination Committee and the Federal Association of German professional hunters wishes. He was able to give each graduate his certificate and the first shoulder pieces.

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