Around the dog German hunting newspaper

13. September 2018 87






    In Bad Godesberg (North Rhine-Westphalia) took place on 11. September of 41. Bonner Jägertag. A colorful variety of hunting dogs-the subjects were on the Agenda.

    After the “warm greeting in real-time mode”, as Georg Verbücheln from the state office for nature, environment and consumer protection of the dog-bells, underlined “welcome,” called, were exciting presentations in the program.

    Mr. a. D. Heimo van Elsbergen reported on “Bracken and brackish hunting Intangible cultural heritage”. He led briefly through the history of the Bracken, the area size moved like a red thread through his presentation.

    At the 41. Bonner Jägertag was all about our hunt helpers (photo: Peter Schmitt)

    Lastly, illustrated is an Overview of the different types of hunting that the breed is today, good or less good. Dr. Nadine Nolde, of the University of Cologne presented in a lecture called “From Wolf to dog” the current research results on domestication of our oldest pet.

    Dr. Thomas Müller reported on the “Aujeszki’s disease in dogs”. It is amazing how low the number of cases in Germany. Only 2 to 3 dogs are infected annually with the Pseudowut. Dr. Klaus Mann’s lecture was on the “use of hunting dogs from official medical point of view”. Above all, it was the weidgerechte Exercise of hunting. He stated the importance according to hunting dogs, and stressed that visibility is sufficient, according to the.

    Exciting GPS-based evaluations, the Dipl.-Biol. John Long brought. Under the theme of “Where are you running?” he showed how far the dogs remove from their leader, how fast you are traveling and how much you stretch. Seek leader Ulf Muuß chatted about the “Proper tracking of applied nature conservation”. The final point Dr. Thomas Gehle continued with “Behind the living duck – legends and facts about the water work.

    A total of varied topics, many of which were delivered partly alive. The conclusion of the day, was clear: Without a well-trained, viable dogs is a pet protection and weidgerechte hunting is not possible.