ASP: 60 km ahead of Germany – German hunting newspaper

14. September 2018 231






    The African swine fever (ASF) has now arrived in Western Europe.

    About 60 kilometers away is the German border, were found dead on Thursday evening in Belgium, in the border triangle of France, Luxembourg, Belgium at ASP dead sows, as the state of the economy, informed the Ministry.

    Thus, the dangerous disease is also in Germany, in front of the door. That is the serious virus infection that affects both Wild and domestic pigs, has been circulating in Germany, it can not be excluded. However, so far, occurred in Germany, no case.

    Hunters are asked to died found sows display (photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

    The Federal agriculture Ministry is in constant exchange with the Belgian authorities and the EU Commission. “The new Situation I take very seriously. African swine fever poses for some time for Germany to be a threat and our preparation for the event of a crisis, to run,“ said Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner. Legal instruments for combating the ASP would be available. But first and foremost, preventive measures would be.

    Important is the strict observance of biosecurity was Operated measures in the pigs stop and to the extent that compliance with the requirements of the pig farming hygiene regulation. Hunting exercise is stopped, are authorized to found dead to report wild pigs.