ASP: DJV criticised government plans – German hunting newspaper

11. June 2018 87






    The Federal government has adopted last week a draft law Amending the animal health and Federal hunting act.

    Thus, authorities should be able to respond more quickly to combat the African swine fever (ASF) in case of an emergency. The German hunting Association (DJV) criticized that the very far-reaching powers could be a possible case of the Disease exhausted. This would, in the view of the DJV disproportionate and therefore illegal. The result of time-consuming court proceedings. But most importantly, the relationship of trust between the authorities and the hunters would not be disturbed. A cooperative cooperation, in particular in the case of the Disease is urgently necessary, would be impossible.

    The EFSA assumes that the ASP Virus to spread within the wild pig population is set at 25 kilometers per year (photo: Shutterstock)

    The DJV calls, therefore, that the Amendments to the animal health and Federal hunting act explains: The far-reaching authorities powers shall apply only to the case of Disease and a closely limited area – there you are important. In a statement, the Federation of hunters has pointed out already in mid-may, at the risk of that individual veterinary authorities could respect the principle of proportionality, miss.

    The DJV has pointed out in its opinion that a reduction in the wild pig population by legal hunting means in front of a case of Disease, the introduction of the ASP, but can not prevent. The biggest risk comes from the transport of people and goods on transit routes. Here’s more BIOS security is necessary, for example, wild boar sure gezäunte rest areas and lockable waste bins.

    The European food safety authority EFSA has shown that the African swine fever Virus to spread within the wild pig population with only a maximum of 25 miles per year. On the highway, the Virus can be spread, for example, through contaminated food or mud in the wheel wells with 90 kilometers per hour. In Eastern Europe, the disease jumps of several hundred kilometers are covered within the shortest possible time. In 2017, the ASP broke out in the Czech Republic, 400 km from the nearest known outbreak in the Ukraine.

    The draft law will be debated in the coming weeks by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat and is expected to be after the summer break adopted.

    PM DJV