ASP: the Federal Council agrees to the German hunting newspaper

19. October 2018 127






    The Federal Council has consented to the Amendment of the animal health act (TierGesG) and the Federal hunting act.

    The Changes are a response to the threat of African swine fever (ASF) and are valid only for the case of the Disease.

    The DJV was successfully used for the hunting area holder can claim compensation, if the hunting is restricted by official measures in case of Disease. This Change in the Bundestag had decided already at the end of September. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate was used in the short term for a resolution of the Federal Council, which have, however, found no majority. The scheme had been criticized for the compensation for Hunting rights owners. The DJV reject this criticism and welcome the now taken control.

    DJV: “The trust and cooperation of the authorities with the hunting exercise legitimate is in the event of an Epidemic ASP is particularly important” (source: Rolfes/DJV)

    On the basis of the Changes of the animal health act in a timely manner, the swine fever regulation will be adapted. In the associations in consultation with the DJV have already taken a position, and emphasized that the trust and cooperation of the authorities with the hunting exercise legitimate in the case of Disease is particularly important. The ratio should not be already damaged in the run-up by excessive measures by the veterinary authorities.

    Because of the high risk of carry-over in the case of suspected ASP of the hunter mountains of the carcass, no matter the circumstances, but only to secure and shall notify the competent authority. This had led to the DJV in the spring compared to the state Ministry of economic Affairs. Particularly suitable for the reporting of suspicious wild boar carcasses the animal Fund-cadastre: This had been adapted from the DJV, together with the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) for the reporting of ASP-cases, data could be entered on the website or via the App.