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Braccate Blaser Club Italia: the first is good!

Blaser Club Italia Saturday 22 October a beautiful sunshine welcomed the large group of hunters of the Blaser Club Italia for the first response to the boar of the season 2016-2017. The invitation appeared from time on the FB page…
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Cesena: the beautiful by many names..

A cesena (Turdus pilaris). Biology: the Cesena is the volatile most of his family (turdidi), the color of the plumage is very attractive, and the nuances delicate. The head is light grey, the back of a beautiful red tending to…
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Browning Automatic Rifle: 50 years of success

The author performs a test shooting where the weapon and the optics will give the best for an excellent result We come to today and here is a model Mk3 is the latest generation with two prerogatives: the mechanical left-handed…
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