Backpack saves hunter’s life – German hunting newspaper

3. December 2018 94






    Just because he wore a hunting backpack in the back, survived a fighter crash at a Gamspirsch in Styria (Austria).

    The 47-year-old green rock slipped during the descent from the Karl Hochkogel last Thursday-lunch in a sinkhole, such as the reported. Luck in the misfortune: around 10 meters case, height of the backpack of the hunter got caught on a Rock, so that another crash was prevented.

    A hunting friend of the injured man alerted the forces. However, due to fog and a parallel use in the same area, delayed the rescue. After a couple of hours then finally the redemption: the use of force, the mountain rescue service freed the hunters from his predicament. Then it went in the helicopter to the hospital, according to Bruck.


    Our hunting backpack: a Utensil that can save lives (photo: Markus Lück)