Ballpoint pen with a .22 loaded – German hunting newspaper

27. February 2018 117






    A charged-shooting ball-point pen, a unterladene gun and nearly 200 rounds of ammunition and crystal Meth police found in the case of the control of the Vietnamese.

    Among other things, the officers found a loaded shooting ball-point pen (photo: German Federal police)

    On Friday of last week, officials of the Federal police was on the BAB 52 in Kleve, Germany, in the circle of Kempen (North Rhine-Westphalia) is a vehicle with unsafe and sometimes dangerous way of driving. The 30-year-old driver of the Mercedes with Czech approval drove partly so that the police and other road users had to slow down to avoid a collision. In the case of the control of the Vietnamese made a absent and intoxicated impression.

    The officers searched the vehicle and found a handgun with a filled magazine on the passenger seat. A charged-shooting ball-point pen you found in the center console of the car. By the associated ammunition 192 shot were in the trunk. In a pack of cigarettes in the compartment of the driver’s door is opened, the officials found a baggie with a gram of crystal Meth. The Vietnamese was taken into custody and to the Federal police Department. The district court of Mönchengladbach ordered a motion to remand. The 30-Year-old is currently in prison Mönchengladbach.