Bavaria: 13.485 firearms collected – German hunting newspaper

7. August 2018 130






    On 1. July 2018, the Federal government ended wide weapons Amnesty 2017/2018. As long as gun owners had the opportunity, this criminal free.

    As the Bavarian state Ministry announced on Monday, have been delivered to date, a total of 13.485 firearms. Of the 6.377 long guns 2.490 in illegal and 3,300 had been in legal possession, in the case of the 7.108 votes short of weapons 2.606 the illegal and 3.636 were assigned to the legal ownership in the rest of the weapons, the origin is not known.

    (Icon Image: Pixabay)

    Given 1.371 weapons that are not firearms, legally, but as a weapon would be classified, for example, so – called cutting and stabbing weapons. Of these, 589 in illegal and 462 had been in legal possession. In addition, a total of 320.825 pieces of ammunition had been delivered, mostly from illegal possession.

    “At the same time, many legal weapons and ammunition stocks have been made, shows, in my eyes, also, that the vast majority of legal firearms owners’ commitment to a responsible handling of these dangerous items,” said Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and further: “Our hunters and Protect a century-maintain old Tradition and to go after the experience of the weapons the authorities, almost without exception, very carefully with their weapons.”