Bavaria: aviaries for the protection of species – the German hunting newspaper

17. July 2017 93

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In mid-June, the Bavarian hunting has a low Association opened wild station Wunsiedel. To about 300 square meters, and in 10 aviaries are to be drawn from now on, partridges, pheasants, and quail, large and wild.

BJV Vice President Dr. Günter Baumer showed up at the official opening of the BJV-small game station, pleased that the Bavarian hunting Association in Wunsiedel had succeeded, with the support of the hunting tax, a flagship station.

The BJV-low-wild station Winsiedel measures 50 meters in length and 6 metres in depth and consists of 10 aviary with partridges, pheasant, and quail (photo: BAJ)

“Here reared wild animals are placed in specially selected areas in which the low wild population under strict control requirements, accompanied scientifically, and room to improve, flanked by wild animal life, by stocking measures is supported. The action helps the hare, pheasant and partridge, but thanks to the care of the wild animal period of life, also protected species such as lapwing, snipe, or field lark,“ said the person in charge of the Station and head of the country hunting school in Wunsiedel, Severin Wejbora.

What is the Bavarian areas from the BJV-small game station for young birds to get, is to be determined by a panel of experts of the Bavarian hunting Association. For more information about the project and application documents can be requested starting in the year 2018 in the case of Severin Wejbora ( or via the Homepage of the Bavarian hunting Association ( to be downloaded.

The BJV-low-wild station is also used for environmental education purposes to the Public.