Bavarian wild geese project is to be continued and expanded

The successful project Management of wild geese on the Altmühlsee (Lkr. Castle-Gunzenhausen,) white, and in the main valley between Bamberg and Haßfurt is continued.

This was decided by the Minister of agriculture Helmut Brunner. “The project has brought us in the last three years, great improvements and greatly to the pacification of locally contributed,” the Minister said in Munich. The findings are intended to benefit Brunner, in the future, other regions in which there is a conflict with the animals and agriculture or tourism.

Therefore, the wild geese experts of the Bavarian land Institute for agriculture also Affected from Problem areas outside the project areas with advice and act to the side. In the past few years, the wild geese stocks have increased in many Parts of Bavaria. Farmers complain about the increasing damage caused by Food, and contamination of the fields by feces, but also polluted recreation areas lead to Trouble.

The state Institute for agriculture-led project relies on the cooperation of all parties Involved. Farmers, hunters, hunting companions, conservationists and authorities jointly develop regional-specific measures, such as training for a reinforced area of cross-hunting and targeted to scare away the wild geese from sensitive areas. At the same time attractive and trouble-free life of the rooms should be found for the animals. Other methods of population control as a professional treatment of Located to be scientifically investigated.

Here you will find detailed information about the model project.

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