BdB – “Not every hunter is a hunter” – German hunting newspaper

12. June 2018 387






    This year’s meeting of the members of the Federal Association of German professional hunters (BdB) took place in early June in the upper Palatinate town of heritage village, as well as in the nearby peace rock (in the district of Tischenreuth/Bavaria).

    On the program for the 200-plus participants lectures on the following topics: 1. Experience with the use of a drone in the young wildlife rescue, 2. Deer management on the troop exercise area Grafenwöhr, 3. Weidgerechte and efficient hunting of the sow under ASP-threat, as well as 4. Animal welfare-friendly use of Saufängen.

    Critical words speakers Eberhard Baron Gemmingen-Hornberg (photo: Dr. Rolf Roosen)

    The lecture Eberhard Baron v. Gemmingen-Hornberg. His remarks were under the guiding principle that not everyone Weidmann is a hunter. There was also the bare hunting license holder, Gemmingen. The have a modern rifle with modern optics, sit down with this phenomenal equipment during the night, in his tiny pirsch district to a Kirrhaufen and rooted cuttings in the dark to black spots. And then he think that this was in fact hunting.