Bird brings the car to the Tilt – a German hunting newspaper

20. August 2018 50






    Because a bird is threatened in the windshield of a small flying Transporter, around crack the driver the wheel and you lost control of the car.

    The 21-Year-old was yesterday evening around 19 o’clock on the L 228 in the direction of Aldenhoven (Kreis Düren/North Rhine-Westphalia) on-the-go, as you flew in a long curve to the left a bird. When you try to avoid him, around crack the Linnicherin the wheel and lost control of the car. This remained on the driver’s side. First responders recovered the young woman out of the car. In the hospital the injured was admitted. The damage to property amounts to about 3,000 euros.


    (Photo: Police Düren)