Bird numbers decreased slightly – German hunting newspaper

5. June 2018 23






    More than 56,000 participants spent this year in the period from 10. to 13. The may birds – in a total of 37,000 gardens! More than 1.244.000 were reported.

    “The good turnout shows that many people have a great interest in the nature and are ready to commit themselves to the preservation of biodiversity,” said NABU CEO Leif Miller in a press release. “We can also hope that more and more hobby gardeners to ensure your garden, especially bird – and nature-friendly design.”

    A total of 14. Hour of the garden birds have been sighted 33,8 birds per garden, which was 3.1 percent below the long-term average of 34.9 birds per garden.

    According to NABU-statistics, particularly species feed exclusively on insects will eat, or at least their young with insects, such as chickadees, this year, much less counted (photo: Pixabay)

    The house Sparrow to stay according to the survey, with a 4.9-collected individuals per message continues to be the most common garden bird, followed by Blackbird, great tit, Star, and field Sparrow.

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