Boar attack survived – German hunting newspaper

6. February 2018 3065






    On Sunday afternoon a woman was adopted by a boar. You talk of good luck that she survived.

    5 bites and 4 big bruises left by the wild boar (photos: private)

    A woman ran with her Labrador, like every day, on a fixed path between Old stone büchel and Ropenstall in the circle of Leverkusen (North Rhine-Westphalia) between the fields for a walk. Your Labrador went 20 meters in front of her and turned suddenly to the crest. “At first I only saw a brown log, and suddenly I realize that gallops a wild boar to me.” As it were, up to the next house about 100 meters, looked at the woman Stops behind a corner post of a Horse corral. The Labrador stood there like petrified. He had not barked once.

    The woman just realized that it was the Sow to a boar. And you felt his arms in your lower leg. After that, he went under the coat. “He was constantly trying to get between my legs. With the leash, I hit him and trampled on.“ Suddenly, he let go. 1 Meter in front of her he stopped. “I was in a panic, he takes the attack right back.” But then the boar turned suddenly and disappeared.

    Luckily the phone still worked, although it had fallen in the heat of the moment out of the bag. To 15.26 PM, the woman called her husband. Their cries had, of course, heard none. Ambulance and police arrive quickly. In the hospital the wounds were cleaned then. One of them was so deep that she had to be stitched up – although it is not made for bite wounds in General. 5 bites and 4 large hematomas tie the victim to the Sofa.

    “I can’t describe what I felt during the attack, but probably of death feels so scared.” If Mrs. H. can’t keep up with your 50 pounds at stake, she would have fallen over probably immediately. Doctors and hunters said that they would not have survived the attack then probably. The husband of the victim hopes that this incident creates more freedom for hunter.