Böhning, according to Fischer? – German Hunting Newspaper

12. December 2018 75






    The DJV Bureau today unanimously approved Dr. Volker Böhning (LJV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) for the election as the successor of DJV-President, Hartwig Fischer.

    For re-election at the forthcoming Federal jägertag at the same time, Kurt Alexander Michael as the treasure was recommended to master. The country’s President Helmut Dammann-Tamke (LJN lower Saxony, Germany) Wolfgang Hein (LJV Schleswig-Holstein), Ralph Müller-Schallenberg (LJV North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and Dr. Dirk Wellershoff (LJV-Brandenburg) will be a candidate for the office of Vice-President.

    The delegates to the 15 provincial hunting associations, the new Bureau will be at 7. June 2019 in Berlin to choose from.


    Dr. Volker Böhning could be the successor of Hartwig Fischer (photo: Peter Diekmann)