Brandenburg: black-and-wild-prices skyrocket – German hunting newspaper

17. May 2018 979






    For months, the prices of “precious” game of black know wild only in one direction. Namely the way down.

    The main reason for the pricing pressure, the continuing excess supply at a constant demand. However, in the case of prices, from under 1 Euro per Kilo in the marketing of the Finger remained last in many of the green skirts. With a view to the imminent danger of the introduction of the African swine fever is unfavorable, because preventive measures and a reduction in the feral stocks remain important.

    When will finally the price for wild pig meat? (Photo: Peter Diekmann)

    A Dilemma, the länder and individual counties incentives with different Money and expenses for hunters. After all, it makes for green skirts no sense to impose more black and wild, to squander it or to dispose of in the bin.

    An interesting approach to the Brandenburger Oder-Spree district of the rides now. As an additional incentive for the marketing of the circle supports the acquisition price for black-and-wild direct marketers and game traders, are in the district a resident, with 1 Euro per kilogram of wild boar in the rind. The only condition is that the dealer must pay the hunter a minimum of 2 Euro per kilograms of wild boar in the rind and the own marketing efforts for feral intensify.

    So that the game could double revenues from the sale of wild boar in the one or the other area, after all, more than. Whether that is enough, however, to support the prices to create a tangible incentive to increase the launch numbers, it will show.