Brown bears in Germany? – German Hunting Newspaper

4. June 2018 91






    Barbara Jessel, the Head of the Federal Agency for nature conservation, believes that in addition to the Wolf, the bear will be in the foreseeable future in Germany.

    Soon, not only in the Zoo? After evaluation of the BfN-President Barbara Jessel, could return to the wolves now bears to Germany (photo: Private/Pixabay)

    In an Interview with the Berlin-based TAZ, you said: “in the face of the bear populations, for example, in the North of Italy or in Slovenia, it is very likely that at some point the brown bear will come back to Germany.”

    In spite of a small residual risk Jessel sees no dangers. Shepherds and farmers would get money from the government and their grazing animals. It was also important to educate the population how to behave. On request of the TAZ, the BfN clarified attract-President like this: “Not at all, or feeding, because the animals are looking for this specifically to be close to the people and this can lead to dangerous situations.” The strict protection of the Wolf and the bear by European law had to be maintained.

    Barbara Jessel is a Professor for landscape planning and since 2007 President of the Federal office for nature conservation in Bonn. The BfN advises the Ministry for the environment, nature and species protection. As the German CITES authority, the office is also used for the import of hunting trophies to be responsible.