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6. August 2018 2036






    Get your DJZ and JWW-hunting calendar.

    Keep up with the German hunting newspaper and Hunting in the World always have an Overview of the days, weeks and months in the year 2019, whether the pocket calendar or the decorative variants for the wall.

    Adventure Hunting Calendar 2019

    Whether on the hunting in the local field area, to nearly 3 000 meters of altitude in the mountains, at 40 °C in Africa, or -35 °C in Greenland. There is hardly a Passion, puts so many demands on man and Material as the Waidwerk. A calendar with 12 exciting adventures around the globe.

    The monthly calendar. Format: 59,4 x 42 cm.

    Price: 25,90 €

    Art.-No.: 05010304

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    DJZ-pocket calendar 2019

    Days calendar and sunset times of the sun and the moon incl. the phases of the moon, sketches for the characterization of gantry gehörnen, shot book, and much more. Highlight the heart are fresh Cartoons of Haralds Klavinius.

    Format: 11 x 15 cm.

    Price: 9,90 €

    Art.-No.: 05010298

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    Klavinius Calendar 2019

    Sows except edge and Band… for A whole year about joy, sweet Surprises and a hearty Serving of Schadenfreude. A calendar with cult status, and many graphic Details.

    The monthly calendar. Format: 59,4 x 42 cm

    Price: 29,90 €

    Art.-No.: 05010302

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    Bodo Meier, Calendar Of 2019

    The famous watercolorist has not only captured the characteristic of the wild species, but also the most famous landscapes with a brush and water colors. Impressive impressions over a full calendar year.

    The monthly calendar. Format: 59,4 x 42 cm.

    Price: 25,90 €

    Art.-No.: 05010303

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    Rien Poortvliet Calendar 2019

    Poortvliet is one of the greats of his profession. In his inimitable style, everything fits together perfectly: the composition of the motifs, mood, color choice, technique.

    The monthly calendar. Format: 50 x 43 cm.

    Price: 29,90 €

    Art.-No.: 05010301

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    Note Calendar Rien Poortvliet 2019

    Beautiful and harmonious motifs of Poortvliet in a compact calendar. In addition, there is space for the registration of all hunting dates.

    Month calendar with memo fields. Format: 21 x 29.7 cm.

    Price: 14,90 €

    Art.-No.: 05010305

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