Gear tester EXPERIENCE Testing Extreme – main movie

Gear tester EXPERIENCE Testing Extreme The main movie to the video series gear tester EXPERIENCE DAY – Testing Extreme … an event, whose Motto is easy to explain. Touch, try out and for yourself. RW, GRS, Dentler montages, Hausken, Sitka,…
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Hunting is conservation – Kitzsuche before the Wiesenmahd

Hunting is conservation – Kitzsuche before the Wiesenmahd Together hunting experience & do Good. Under this Motto, a short time ago a hunter Nils Kradel was invoked again to support the Kitzsuche before the Wiesenmahd. 23 non-hunters, hunters, farmers, nature-lovers…
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Also the summer is missing you?

…then my new hunting video, “hunting in August 2016, and looks at you.” A Lot Of Joy. Greeting and Waidmannsheil Your three Scion

Goose hunting in the Emperor’s realm with Video

Goose hunting in the Empire Hunting diary, 07.01.2016 I would like to tell you about one of my recent hunting experiences. An experience of the common, active hunting with a change between tension and expectation, full of peace, which is…
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Video trailers for hunting in Northern Sweden

Hunting in the North of Sweden to the king of the forests. Love hunting and nature lovers, here you see the Trailer for the Film.The North of Sweden is referred to as Europe’s last Wilderness. In this great country of…
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Video “hunting in the Wendland”

The Wendland. It is located in the four corners of the Federal States of lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt. This land is not only historically interesting. The Wendland was before the reunification of the two German States border…
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