Hunter images

Hello hunting – and nature friends, The picture shows two brave roebucks. It is a so-called hunter picture, which calls for non-hunters is often a lack of understanding. Hunter images; especially in the case of non-hunters, these images trigger a…
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Summer & Time DOY 2016

Experience nature, so far and yet so close. My Video for the Swarovski competition “digiscoper of the year 2016” (DOY 2016). Old and new video scenes and all with the spotting scope STX 85 of Swarovski with a mirror reflex…
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New Video “Crow Hunter”

Hello hunting – and nature friends, some time ago I visited with Nils Kradel (lock Smiths) the well-known crow hunter Alexander Busch in his territory and in his company Hubertus field sports ( A fantastic crows hunting at the end…
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CALL // New hunting backpack HUNTING TOTAL

Which is the hunting backpack should it be in 2016? With this Video I start a call and ask for your help because I want my HUNTING TOTAL equipment expand. I would be very happy if you me your recommendations…
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Episode 7 Namibia Special

In the first part of the Namibia-special, we will hunt in the dunes of the Northern Kalahari. A Paradise for the Springbok-hunting, but also for Gnu, blesbok, Gemsbok and many other antelope species. Then, we will continue to OTJENGA, 250…
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“Hi Charlie” – HUNTING TOTAL

This is my “Hello Charlie” to my english friends of Thanks Charlie Jacoby for posting in your latest episode 343 ? #field sport channel #hunting total #sauer404 #goat