Cats are celebrated! – German Hunting Newspaper

8. August 2017 82

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Today is the International day of the cat. On the day our cats will not be celebrated but only for, but also pointed to abuses in dealing with the velvet paws.

According to the German animal protection Association on the suffering of street cats in Germany and of the German hunting Association (DJV) appeals to the International day of the cat on the responsibility of pet owners, especially during the holiday time.

Because according to animal protection associations in Germany there are about 2 million stray cats, the deadlines, sometimes under the most wretched and animal protection adverse circumstances in the wild your life. Here is the DJV is right to note that not only the Pets themselves suffer, but also the local wildlife.

According to projections on the Basis of several studies of at least 14 millions of songbirds in Germany, feral house cats to the victims (photo: Shutterstock)

The DJV calls against this Background, a nationwide Reporting and castration compulsory for pet cats, following the example of the Paderborn-based model. Anyone who finds a stray cat, you should inform the clerk’s office or the police. Alternatively, Fund animals could be made in animal shelters.