Cause Of Death: Dog-Crack – German Hunting Newspaper

12. March 2018 25






    The Hessian Ministry of the environment refuses to reveal the number of wild dogs cracked wild animals to be included in the annual course list, is reported by the hunters Association of upper Hesse in a press release today.

    Environmental Minister Priska Hinz (Green) this is due by the end of February in answer to a parliamentary question of the FDP Landtag Deputy Wiebke Knell, among other things, that the hunting authorities could verify the route announcements of the hunter “only to a very limited extent”, and that these were therefore “not resilient”. Hinz’m so indirectly, the hunter cheat in the track lists.

    FDP say Wiebke Knell (photo: JVO)ordered

    In addition, the Minister of the environment of doubt that the hunters would have the necessary expertise, “a torn deer doubt attributable to free-a wild dog as a perpetrator”. These experts had knowledge “or direct eye witnesses necessary”. Because, in Hessen, wolves, lynx, wildernde dogs, and foxes “are, in principle, as predators for ROE deer conceivable”. According to the official lynx report in 2017 in the state of Hesse had been confirmed only 4 lynx. The wolves would only in very rare cases, the country. Lynx and wolf cracks are likely to occur, therefore, rather rare.

    The liberal member of the Landtag Knell said in their request to the Minister, that “against the Background of the large number of wild dogs cracked wild animals have more accurate data are necessary”. So far, distinction of the Hessian of the route list under “the case of the wild” but only between “an accident” (accident victims) and “other” causes of death. However, because every year up to 3,200 deer under “other causes of death” would be listed, would have been required in may 2015, the hunting Association of delegates to the Hessian jägertag due to a request by the hunters Association of upper Hesse (JVO), of wild dogs cracked Wild to be shown separately.

    “We want to be concrete with concrete Numbers to the discussion wildernde dogs verse and the whole extent of the animal protection issues,” reasoned the Chairman of the hunters Association, Helmut Nickel, at the time of the request. A lot of deer with the “other” cause of death were likely to have been of dogs ripped. You have therefore in the application, the track list and in the launch list with a column “wildernde dogs” as a case of wild cause.

    The Hessian Greens want to prohibit the shooting of wild dogs, however, or to severely restrict. Concrete Crack would have to be paid seem to have been more of a hindrance. Only in mid-February, the Eco-party in the Parliament, held an “expert meeting” on the topic of “Fit pet shooting, and Trapping in our time?”