Caution: rabbit fever in Würzburg – German fighter newspaper

30. May 2018 56






    In the district of Würzburg, which is broken out to the humans and rabbit fever (tularemia).

    As the competent veterinary office announced on Monday, was found, the bacterial infectious disease in a in the municipal area of estenfeld died found hare. Finally, the rabbit plague had organized in the autumn of 2014 at Kürnach grass.

    Because rabbit fever is also transmissible to humans (zoonosis), advises the veterinary office to observe the following rules of conduct:

    Keep your eyes open in the district of Würzburg – a plague of rabbits has broken out (photo: Shutterstock)

    • Died or found sick wild animals (especially wild rabbits and rabbits), not exposed to touch
    • Hunters should when dealing with bagged hares and rabbits, the hygiene measures that knits to comply with, as well as dubious characteristics such as the spleen, liver and lymph nodes swelling care
    • Venison should be completely consumed cooked through