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9. February 2018 968






    The DJV welcomes the proposed Amendments to the Federal hunting act in respect of ammunition, target practice, evidence, and young hunter training. Also the announcement, to check the protection status of the wolf, will be welcomed.

    Hunters welcome the planned amendment of the Federal hunting act in the new coalition agreement (photo: DJV)

    The parties CDU, CSU and SPD agreed on a coalition agreement. The German hunting Association (DJV) welcomed the fact that the future German government wants to make in the last legislature failed amendment to the Federal hunting act. Planned Federal uniform regulations for hunting ammo, with the aim to optimize the killing effect and minimize at the same time the lead entry into the game. In addition, there should be a Germany-wide uniform target practice evidence, as well as a single hunter and a Falconer training, and testing. “We have supported in the past years, a knowledge-based way and are pleased that the policy is to follow our recommendations now,” said DJV President Hartwig Fischer.

    Wolf: Fears and Concerns

    A positive effect of the DJV evaluated the protection status of the wolf is to be reviewed in order to bring “a necessary reduction in lead”. In addition, a criteria – and the catalogue of measures should be developed for the removal of wolves. Hartwig Fischer: “The policy so that the legitimate Fears and Concerns of the Wolf-affected rural population, seriously!” The DJV had pointed out in the past year on the increasing conflicts with wolves and workable solutions in dealing with behavioural problems of animals requested. In contrast to the Federal Agency for nature conservation, the Association of hunters, wolves are for the roof behaviour, if they occur several times in the settlement’s proximity, or even at night to go through. A natural fear of people of the Wolf. Situations, such as in Cuxhaven, where wolves specializes in adult cattle and the first dike sheep have been killed, in the future, from the beginning, prevented. The current Wolf population of the DJV appreciates to around 800 animals in Germany, the reproduction rate is at about 30 percent per year. The Wolf is a challenge for pasture, livestock and biodiversity in Germany and for the dyke protection, green agriculture and landscape maintenance.

    Support measures in agriculture to make less bureaucratic

    The DJV welcomes the envisaged further development and reorientation of the Common agricultural policy (CAP) after 2020. In view of the loss of biological diversity in the agricultural used area of the DJV regards it as urgently necessary, and the support structures in a more targeted and, in particular, less bureaucratic. Currently, 50 percent of the arable land in Germany (6.8 million hectares) can be ordered with only three crops – Maize, oilseed rape and wheat and intensively managed. The profiteer is the adaptable wild boar, can there be in the growing period from the beginning of may until October only hard hunted. On the decline of specialized species such as hare, partridge or pheasant. In this context, the DJV rating of the proposed agriculture strategy (including the programme of action of the insect). According to the hunters, production – integrated compensation measures.

    Hunting aisles combine with flower strips

    In addition, all of the available funding should lanes be implemented in legal ways, in order to allow effective hunting of wild boar in the agricultural landscape – such as the non-bureaucratic system of Hunting. A consistent implementation of the agricultural payment obligations-regulation, and a meaningful reconstruction of the agri – environmental measures with the possibility to use them for the farmer to the breeding and settling time. In practice, this could mean: The farmer in the spring sowing, in all cultures, hunting aisles of perennial wild mixtures of plants, which can be used for biogas production. By the end of June, the flowering strips for insects and soil offer breeders food and habitat. After that, the wild plants are harvested for biogas production, stubble land for the effective hunting of wild boar.

    The DJV welcomes the proposed dialogue between farmers, hunters and other conservationists, in order to improve the protection of native Flora and Fauna non – native animal and plant species. Also, the structure of a scientific monitoring centre for biodiversity, is long overdue. The DJV sees good possibilities for cooperation with its long-term monitoring program of WILD (wildlife information system of the Länder of Germany).

    Federal program to implement re-networking

    Especially the DJV regrets the lack of commitment of the potential coalition partners on the topic of “the biotope network/Connectivity/Green infrastructure”. For this purpose, the DJV had targeted in March 2017 a large conference in Berlin, with the participation of the Federal environment Ministry and the Federal Agency for nature conservation and together with ADAC and nature protection associations, a broad Alliance for the networking of life forged spaces. The detailed claim, the paper provides concrete measures for the implementation in practice. The existing Federal program is not re-deposited in networking with a concrete financial volume. Close to 100 priority and 30,000 secondary conflict points in the road network are still waiting for a mitigation in favour of road safety and of the protection of species.

    Whether, on the basis of the negotiated coalition agreement, formed a new government that is still to be determined: party committees must agree, in the case of the SPD, there will even be a members vote. The Bundestag elects the Chancellor. The German hunting Association is represented in each case against the new Federal government, the interests of nature, of the Wild and of 384,000 hunters and hunters in Germany, with emphasis knowledge – based, and practice-oriented.

    PM DJV