Chicken soup in the city center – the German hunting newspaper

11. June 2018 136






    No, not in a beautiful landscape, but it’s between the Junkies, and garbage, took place this year, the country jägertag North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Only 500 hunters and hunters jägertag NRW came to this year’s Country in the Gürzenich in Cologne. Even the President was a little disappointed about the very small number of hunters. Whether it was the beautiful weather or the fact that hunters in the middle of the city feel without green strip, remains open. There were, however, in the Last year in Gütersloh, more than 1,000 participants.

    (Photos: Sophia Lorenzoni)

    To address the usual topics: Wolf and African swine came the plague. President Ralph Müller-Schallenberg expressed a positive view of the claim by the DJV, the Wolf to the Federal hunting law. In the course of the ASP, he, particularly, stressed the importance to support the sales of black and wild. Funny only that it was for lunch, chicken soup. Wouldn’t have been appropriate to make a goulash soup from the domestic feral?

    Also, the new hunting law has been raised. The words of the President: “The Drops to a new country hunting act is not yet sucked. Today I can say that The game is unpacked, and the first taste is not bad!“ It remains to be seen what happens. At the conclusion of the hunter’s day, a Film of the young hunter, NRW has shown. Convincing 3 Young hunters, what moves you to hunting and what role it plays in your life.