Community workers from Wolf bitten – German hunting newspaper

28. November 2018 797






    It was really a Wolf? On Tuesday morning, a 55-year-old worker of the municipality of Bülstedt in the district of Rotenburg, during the maintenance of the green area has been bitten at the cemetery in Steinfeld by a Wolf, so the police inspection of the red castle, in a communication today.

    The man had knelt during his Work on the fence and with his Hand to the back focus. Suddenly he found that she was seemingly held back. He had umgeblickt and a Wolf recognized who had grabbed his Hand. 3 more wolves of the pack had watched the action with a bit of distance. The 55-Year-old had, and the wolves distribute free. Later, the man was issued with minor injuries to his Hand that required medical treatment.


    More information will be made known to the wolf office of the lower Saxony Land office for water economy, of nature and environmental protection (NLWKN) on Thursday.