Competence group ground hunting, and slept work founded the German hunting newspaper

9. August 2018 56






    On Saturday, the 21.7.2018 the “competence group ground hunting and fell asleep work it was in the Hessian town of Ockstadt” with the participation of all erdhund breeders associations established in the JGHV.

    Representatives of the erdhund breeding associations, the JKV Thuringia, the animal welfare officer of the JGHV and representatives of the JGHV Executive Board of the “competence group ground hunting, and slept work” in the state of Hesse (press photo)met for the founding

    It consists of professionals and practitioners who have extensive knowledge in the areas of animal protection, animal husbandry, dog training, dog slept working, and the ground to bring hunting. Members include representatives of the erdhund are clubs, hunting cynological associations of the countries of the Presidium and the stud book Commission of the JGHV and the animal welfare officer of the JGHV breeding.

    To turned out to be the beginning of the event, the President of the JGHV, Mr. Charles Walch, the importance of ground hunting for the “predator management”. For this purpose, there is a need for well-trained dogs and dog handlers. The sleeping facilities and the accommodation of the foxes are of Central importance.

    The Commission has make it mission Federal made consistent, binding guidelines for animal-welfare-compliant attitude of the Fox, and slept work. You want to make sure also the training of Slept. The training of erdhunde guides and hunters on the subject of ground hunting is another field of activity.

    After the first Meeting, which took place in a very cooperative and productive atmosphere, were presented, thanks to excellent preparatory work, the first results. Thus, two designs were adopted, among others, for the keeping of foxes. Further meetings are scheduled in a timely manner.

    The competence group is open to all Interested parties from associations, politics and administration as a competent contact person for technical questions on the subject of ground hunting, and slept work.