Confederation of hunters supported “Waidfräulein” – German hunting newspaper

25. May 2018 1290






    The German hunting Association (DJV) goes on the offense against baiting in the network.

    The young hunter posted on her Facebook profile a photo with the third Millennium full-HD Fox and within a few days, several hundred hate-filled comments: hunting opponents have attacked the “Waidfräulein” with vicious insults and threats like: “disgusting piece of Shit, you get what you deserve”. Even before that, the Affected home and to intimidate, not scare called, a supposed “animal rights activists”.

    The DJV has switched on immediately after the incidents, and announces to support the Affected until full enlightenment. “It is a phenomenon of the social networks that completely natural things such as a bomb can take and some of the parties Involved, any and all rules of etiquette forgotten,” says attorney Dr. Heiko Granzin, working with the DJV in the matter.

    Screenshot Facebook/DJV

    All of the relevant legal violations are brought to the display, Dr. Granzin: “The public Prosecutor’s office takes the matter seriously, and determined the following are the names and IP addresses of the part under a Pseudonym-operating offender.” Who has believed, from the supposed anonymity of the Internet crimes as a result to the detriment of a young hunter, about to commit, is likely to wonder so soon.

    The DJV support the affected young woman, not only in criminal investigation. In addition to police subpoenas, and criminal commands, the offender would expect sue civil claims for damages and injunctive relief. “All of this will take time,” said DJV spokesman Torsten Reinwald, “is the result that counts ultimately, and we hunters are accustomed to wait.”