Coyote Calling Contests Triple Crown

Coyote Calling Contest Triple CrownIt’s that time of year again. Time to make plans for the upcoming coyote calling contests. With the rise of the interest in predator calling across the nation, local coyote calling contests have also been on the rise. Despite the fact that local contests have taken some numbers from the major contests, the three major coyote calling contests are still alive and well worth going to. Below are information on each and how to get entered.

National Coyote Calling Championship

The National Contest is in its 26th year of operation and is headquartered out of Rawlins, WY.  This is a great hunt in the middle of Wyoming’s Red Desert. Expect a great time, good competition, and don’t forget to “Hunt the Wind”. Information for the contest can be found on the National Coyote Calling Championship website.

World Coyote Calling Championship

Big Al Morris claims that he is going to capture his fourth world championship this year and thanks you for sending in your donation to his cause. He better come with more than he did last year if he plans to recapture the crown of World Champion. This years hunt will be hosted out of Williams, AZ by the Arizona Predator Callers.

Midwest Coyote Calling Contest

The masters of coyote calling is divided into two classes, the Frontier Arms Class and the Hornady Novice Class. As always the novice class fills up fast and is already half full. To learn more about this contest, listen to episode #8 of the Predator Down Podcast where I interview Brent about the contest. For information on this years event go to the Midwest Coyote Calling Event.