Dead and wounded after a wild accident – the German hunting newspaper

16. April 2018 192






    Tragic end of a wild accident in the circle of Stade (lower Saxony) late Saturday night.

    A with 4 occupants occupied Opel Corsa sailed against 23 clock B 74 in the direction of Bremervörde, as, according to the accident driver 2 wild pigs on the road changed. In the attempt of a manoeuvre, the 19 lost-Year-old control of his vehicle and crashed into the passenger side against a tree.

    For a 20-year-old passenger who had been sitting on the right side, came too late. Another passenger could be after the initial care from the ambulance service transported the 20-Year-old died but a short time later, while driving to the hospital. The 19-year-old driver and a 17-year-old Mitfahrerin from Hamburg, suffered serious injuries.


    The Corsa was destroyed in the accident (photos: Polizeiinspektion Stade)