Deadly Off-Road Travel – German Hunting Newspaper

14. May 2018 116






    A mortally Wounded and 3 slightly wounded were the result of a tour in the Mammut Park, Stadtoldendorf, in the Landkreis of Holzminden (lower Saxony).

    After the fall from 4 meters height the car landed on the passenger side (photo: Commissioner of police of Holzminden)

    The 4 in Lippstadt in age from 19 to 43 years last Friday with a Nissan in the off-road area of the mammoth parks. From yet unknown cause, the car went off the roadway and crashed 4 feet in depth. The 41-year-old passenger was fatally injured. The others were slightly injured in a hospital. As reported by the police, the driver of the Nissan under the influence of alcohol. The police are investigating.