Death threats! Schulze General description – German hunting newspaper

15. May 2018 533






    After not even a year in office, the state of North Rhine into Westphalia’s Minister for the environment Christina Schulze General description.

    The CDU politician for a TV of star TV in July 2017 under media fire. In the show, a pig was fattening operation in the criticism that the Minister was involved with her husband. Of alleged violations of the animal welfare. The images shown are created in part illegal – in the case of nighttime break – ins -.

    “In the past few months and weeks I have experienced in the anonymous letters, and openly on the Internet threats against my Person, my health and my life, I would have never thought possible and exceeded the measure of what is humanly Reasonable,” says Schulze General description in your Declaration of withdrawal.

    Christina Schulze General description since the end of June, environment Minister in North Rhine-Westphalia and thus, ex officio, also responsible for hunting. The DJZ led to the end of 2017, an Interview with the Minister.


    (Photo: Private)