Deer browsing increased slightly – German hunting newspaper

12. December 2018 80






    The deer browsing in young forest trees has increased in Bavaria since the last survey 3 years ago easily.

    The notified forest Minister Michaela Kaniber at the launch of the “Forestry report on the Situation of the forest rejuvenation to 2018” in the Bavarian Parliament. The proportion of broken Leittriebe in the case of conifers climbed from 3 to 4 per cent, in the case of deciduous trees, an increase from 18 to 19 per cent.

    “In many places in Bavaria forest and Wild with each other in harmony,” Minister Kaniber. Nevertheless, there are still regional differences.

    Minister Kaniber: in Many places, forest and Wild with each other in harmony (photo: Peter Schmitt/ Falk Haacker)

    Worry the mountain forest is a ready-to especially where the bites had increased in for the stability that is so important fir from 13 to 21 percent. It was “too much”. In the mountain forest, as well as in some other regions, the hunting had to be strengthened. In contrast, could be maintained in nearly two-thirds of the country’s approximately 750 Conservancies, the launch height, and in some even be reduced.

    The Forestry report is intended to serve the Parties as an aid in the launch planning. The entire Forestry report in 2018, see (section forest and timber, hunting).

    A map with the launch of the recommendations for the Conservancies is included in the report.