Deer in front of the Saxony forest protect – the German hunting newspaper

29. October 2018 97






    Hunters in the ore mountains is a great Worry to the preservation of a sustainable and healthy deer population in the Erzgebirge as well as in the Tharandter forest.

    “The current ideology of the state railway of Saxony forest, under the Motto “forest for the Wild”, the radical decimation of the deer population”, the Landesjagdverband Sachsen in a message.

    The Association has prepared this Background, together with the representatives of the Conservancies in the ore mountains, a common position paper in order to protect the native red deer

    The LJV Saxony wants to protect the native red deer in front of the state of Saxony forest (photo: Shutterstock)

    The position paper. the main content for the orientation and Organisation of the management of hunting in the state of Saxony forestry operation as well as for policy in the forthcoming state election campaign to be The irresponsible handling of our largest native species will not be accepted by the hunters of the free state of Saxony as well as large Parts of the population.