DJV: Wolf to the newspaper to the law on Hunting – English Hunting

11. April 2018 73






    The German hunting Association (DJV) called for in a recent position paper in a timely manner, the inclusion of the wolf in the German Federal hunting law, Federal to design uniform rules for the future handling of the Wolf excerpt.

    A General hunting is not possible, because of the large meat-eater is protected by the habitats Directive strictly. However, it will be created according to the estimates of the DJV as a basis to develop national management measures on the Basis of the coalition agreement of the Federal government. Advances such as in Brandenburg and South-Western Germany, authorities armed to strike squads, install, would, however, rejected.


    DJV-Position to the Wolf …

    The annual growth of the wolf population is more than 30 percent – and the trend is rising (source: Rolfes/DJV)