DJZ-folder preview 10/2017 – German hunting newspaper

21. September 2017 7337

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The new DJZ appears on the 27. By September 2017.

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Here is the German hunting newspaper in your area …

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Current hunting seasons and the lunar brightness of the calendar, we put them online in the Service section. Here you will also find interesting Download, many wild game recipes, as well as DJZ-TV-tips for hunters.

Title of topic: It is “harvest time!”

On driven hunts prey is to be made. Whether it is because of the Excess inventory to absorb or reduce where necessary, to wild occurrence. In any case, the community belongs to “Wild Harvest” of the highlights of the hunting year. We will make you hot!

  • Behaviour:Scharfäugig & focused
  • Assembly instructions break Bock: spick-and-span and easy
  • Release:The correct announcement
  • Scope comparison: The price values 5


Free Ride?
With the car or on the trailer away from the roads. Law-Free Zone? No. Also for area trips are the rules. DJZ-lawyer Dr. Heiko Granzin know what.

Shortly before 12!
African swine fever is fast approaching. Hunters care for the sows and ask what to do. Here are the answers!

The final touch
The piece is zerwirkt. But before the Roast in the pan, still need to be, and hides Tendons. Tips and Tricks for the perfect “fine-tuning”.

Duck before the duck
Ducks can be excellent to have. Hatching equipment and some food will be gladly accepted. Selective hunting ensures that the stocking stays stable.

It’s day will …
Thermal imaging devices are expensive, but offer new possibilities, e.g. in the case of the sows hunting. The DJZ brings light into the Dark.

Other Topics:

  • Binoculars: Blaser Primus 8 x 56
  • Equipment magazine
  • Autotest: Ford Edge 2.0 TDCI

More DJZ-car tests …

  • Dogs on the driven hunt: Lost
  • Hunting Dogs-Accident Insurance: Cost Of The Vet? No, thank you!

From pond and Wallow is

Wallow magnets are true Wild. Sows hunters should therefore have some mud baths in the area. How you can create the bathtubs for the Wild in a cost-effective, says a professional hunter.

Henrik Elbers prepares stuffed Pepper with wild meat for you …

With his Thermomix Markus Lück has mushrooms for you venison goulash with forest and as a Dessert an Oriental pumpkin soup cooked. Suuuper tasty – give it a try …

More recipes available here Online …

Pulpit gossip – the Podcast of the German hunting newspaper. Over 30 years there was to read us only, or to see for 10 years, also in the Video. Now there’s what to listen to.

Here is the title theme of the current issue …